Mindfulness & Yoga

Mindfulness can help children and young people to pay more attention to their feelings, thoughts and physical body. By helping children to become more aware about themselves, mindfulness can help to re-steady when they feel unsettled by typical day to day situations that may challenge, helping children to feel more responsive rather than reactive to what is going around them.

In teaching and sharing mindfulness with children, I use a variety of approaches such as games, props and exercises to support children’s understanding and learning, helping it to be both a fun and an informative experience.

There is growing evidence to suggest mindfulness can help children to self regulate and manage their emotions and behaviour as well as support the development of skills required in learning such as memory, attention and planning. I offer individual based interventions with children and young people based on mindfulness as well as offering guidance to parents and carers who may be interested in using mindfulness as part of their parenting style.


Paws .b Curriculum                                       

Paws b developed by the Mindfulness in Schools Programme, provides a programme of six, one-hour lessons teaching and supporting children’s practice of mindfulness.  Paws .b is based on six themes, and is designed for 7 –11 year olds.

Paws b lessons include:

  • Education about the brain and the links to managing emotions and behaviour
  • Short mindfulness practices
  • Sharing of pupil experiences
  • Home practice encouragement, helping to transfer the learning beyond school life

I am a qualified Paws b teacher since February 2015 offering this service to primary schools and organisations.

I have practised Yoga for over 10 years which led me to yoga teaching training;  I am a trained Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga teacher (200 hours, The Yoga Edge London). Focusing on connecting breath and movement, I incorporate a balance of challenging physical postures whilst cultivating more awareness and ease in the mind. I offer yoga classes to small groups of adults or to organisations and workplaces as part of supporting positive staff well-being.