Parents & Carers

I offer a consultation, assessment and intervention service on a range of areas including:

  • Learning, attention & memory
  • Social communication & language
  • Managing behaviour that is distressing or challenging
  • Anxiety & low mood
  • Bereavement, loss and & transition to a new country


  What interventions do I offer?

Interventions may be recommended following formulation, once perspective on the presenting concerns is gained. I offer a number of interventions for:

 Children/young people

Therapeutic based 1-1 sessions drawing upon a range of therapy models including; cognitive behaviour therapy, narrative therapy, solution focused principles and mindfulness.


Family sessions based on principles from solution-focused therapy, systemic therapy and mentalisation to improve family relationships and resilience.

Video Interaction Guidance in improving communication and functioning in a parent-child relationship.

Consultancy sessions for families with fostered/adopted children.

 Typically, my service will involve:

  • Initial consultationto explore the areas of concern;
  • Consultation with others such as school teachers or/and other professionals if appropriate;
  • Direct assessmentwith a child/young person;
  • Feedback consultation where joint action planning is agreed;
  • Further Intervention – family consultancy sessions, direct therapeutic work with a child or young person or/and further school consultation to support implementation of strategies.